What you can expect from FCA Coaches…

We understand one of the keys to each player’s success, as well as our program, is recruiting and retaining outstanding coaches who collectively share in our club’s coaching philosophy.  You can expect each coach within FCA to:

  1. Interact with, and motivate players with a positive and encouraging demeanor
  2. Encourage academic excellence
  3. Teach the game of baseball and work hard to help each player improve
  4. Seek opportunities for players to succeed
  5. Be approachable and communicate with honesty and openness
  6. Devote time and attention to our players spiritual growth
  7. Broaden players’ perspectives on college opportunities
  8. Be the best coaching role model, both on and off the field
  9. Provide a highly competitive environment that is fun and promotes player safety
  10. Provide excellent team leadership and communicate timely and effectively with parents

2023/24 Coaching Staff and Leadership

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