We are proud to be the first youth baseball club in the State of Washington to offer our players a comprehensive sports nutrition education program.  We initiated this program in 2015 with the help of ViTL nutrition (www.vitlnutrition.com) to build a program consistent with collegiate D1 and professional programs.

Why is nutrition part of our baseball program?

Sports nutrition is a key component of successful collegiate and professional programs for one reason – it works!  And at FCA Baseball, our goal is to provide our players every competitive advantage possible.  This is why we have incorporated a sports nutrition program starting with our U13 teams. Our athletes have experienced the benefits of increased lean muscle mass, strength gains and more energy.  Our FCA alumni will tell you sports nutrition was a key success factor for them making the college ranks, and college coaches continually comment on how unique and impressive our sports nutrition program is in preparing our athletes.

What results have we seen from the nutrition program?

Bottom line: our players are stronger, in overall better shape and can make knowledgeable nutrition choices because of the sports nutrition education they receive.  Our 18U teams typically put on over 200 pounds (about 5-12 pounds per player) of lean muscle mass during the off season and keep progressing through the year.  Our older players hit the gym consistently and our sports nutritionists teach them how to maximize their gains with proper pre- and post- workout nutrition.

This stuff works!  Research shows that with proper nutrient timing, athletes can experience 86% greater increase in lean mass, 27% greater increase in strength measures, significant reductions in muscle soreness post-workout, 28% fewer viral/bacterial infections, and 37% fewer medical visits for muscle/joint problems (Cribb & Hayes, 2006; Flakoll et al, 2004). And with proper energy & macronutrient intake, athletes can experience 2.2x greater increases in body mass (Garthe et al, 2013)!

Many players have experienced additional benefits including better focus in the classroom, eliminating the expense of many useless supplements, quicker injury recovery, and effectively managing weight loss.

Who are our sports nutritionists?

ViTL Nutrition - www.vitlnutrition.com. They are certified sports nutritionists who work with high school, collegiate and professional athletes across the country to optimize performance through nutrition.  Utilizing their degrees in biochemistry and cell biology, and their Masters in nutrition and dietetics ViTL offers a customized age-based nutrition education program for our athletes which includes:

  • Team meetings (all teams)
  • Individual player nutrient & body composition analysis/recommendations (18U)
  • Training tables (all teams)
  • Hands on cooking classes (16U & 15U)
  • Player/parent email Q&A (all teams)
  • Monthly newsletters (all teams)
  • On-call nutrition questions

Do you have any cool technology that helps players with nutrition?

Why yes we do!

Each player is given access to The Baseball Nutrition Institute mobile app – this app received the Best in Show Award from the American Baseball Coaches Association and is loaded with great resources, ideas for fueling around workouts and games, information on supplements, and a whole lot more.

ViTL Nutrition is available to parents during the season to answer any and all nutrition related questions.  Our parents appreciate the confidentiality and the wealth of knowledge ViTL offers. Questions have ranged from how to get more vegetables into my son’s diet, to how I can fuel my son who has a nut allergy, or how to eat for performance on a budget, or is creatine safe and helpful?  ViTL also offers discounts to our parents for services they offer in their local nutrition practice.

Training Table following our 18u game at Bothell HS
Training Table following our 18u game at Bothell HS
Cooking Class: 15u getting ready for the smoothie challenge!
Cooking Class: 15u getting ready for the smoothie challenge!