Alumni Testimonials

Alex Nesbitt

University of Washington

“FCA’s pitching program is amazing.  I didn’t start seriously pitching until my senior year in High School, so we had a lot of work to do quickly.  I was already accepted to UW academically and wasn’t ready to give up playing.  The FCA Coaches invited UW to come watch me in a tournament game at Chaffey Field and the rest was history.  I got an offer on the spot and enjoyed playing all four years as a Husky.  It wouldn’t have happened if the FCA coaches weren’t so intent on helping me chase my dream.”

Zachary Cokos
Zachary Cokos - Signing with Linfield College

Linfield College

"I started with FCA Baseball when I was 11 and played through my senior year of High School.  I never once considered playing for a different club – and now I’m excited to coach younger FCA players during my winter and summer breaks."

Turner Glenn

George Fox University

“I loved playing for FCA. We were blessed to have a very talented team that won several championships from 13s-18s and now I’m watching my teammates play in college. The FCA Baseball Program provided the foundation for our skills, strength and faith.”

Michael Attalah

Oregon State University

“I played for FCA baseball for seven years. It’s a complete program with sports nutrition, strength training, and outstanding coaching on mechanics, skills and baseball IQ. Most importantly, FCA is a faith-based program that helped me stay grounded and make good choices throughout my high school years.”

Dirk Wilson

Wenatchee Valley College

“I’m proud to have played for FCA – so much so I painted it on the top of my car, along with my life verse on the trunk; Jeremiah 2 9:11."

Coaches’ comment – Dirk could be the best teammate we’ve ever coached!

Andy Littlefield
FCA Class of 2011
Point Loma University

Point Loma University

“I always had aspirations of playing college baseball.  The FCA program is geared toward helping players reach the next level, whether it’s high school ball for the younger ages or college ball for 16s-18s.  The intense winter workout programs and Arizona Spring Training sessions had me in mid-season shape when I hit my college tryouts.  The FCA coaches were also great advocates when contacting colleges on my behalf.  I wouldn’t be where I’m at without their great support and genuine interest in me.”

Doug Gove

Central Christian University

“FCA plays in tournaments with a purpose to win and expose its players to college coaches. I was recruited by Central Christian during a GSL tournament and had four great years of playing collegiate baseball while getting a degree.”

Steve Emanuels

University of Washington

“Playing for the University of Washington was only a dream when I started with FCA at U13. But, playing college baseball was something the coaches talked about at every practice and game…it gave me the motivation to work hard and set my sights on the Pac-12.”

Matt Zoba


University of Northern Colorado

“Our FCA team won over 20 tournament championships and was top three in league every year. But, what I most appreciate about FCA is preparing me for college baseball. I knew how the game was played at the college level, the physical demands and the challenges of prioritizing academics. It was easy getting off to a great start because of what FCA taught me.”

Calvin Wood

Pepperdine University

“FCA’s pitching program prepared me for a high level of competition.  I was excited to start Pepperdine University and had the confidence to walk on for a tryout – coaches gave me an offer and the rest is history!”

Peter Irvin

LC State College

“My best friends today are guys I played ball with at FCA.   I knew a lot of guys who would shop for a new team each season because the team they were on didn’t hold up their commitments.  At FCA, we stuck together never thinking of looking elsewhere, and just became better friends each year under a program that always did right by us players.”

Ryan Caylor

Concordia University

“FCA expects its players to excel in academics, which helped me set the right priorities during high school. As a result, I was fortunate to have several options to play baseball in college.”

Austin Earl

Photo: Russ Alman, Digital Media Northwest

Wenatchee Valley

“I played for other baseball clubs and would rank FCA as #1! It’s more than just baseball and I consider the coaching staff to be great mentors and friends for life.”

Zach Townsend

Wenatchee Valley College

“As important as baseball is in my life, FCA reassured me that it’s a distant second behind faith and family – I always look forward to spending time after my games with my #1 fan and Godfather, Pete - here with me after a double header at Wenatchee.”