Our younger teams participate in the Seattle Elite fall league and/or Rijo’s Fall Ball Program.  Seattle Elite plays games on the weekends with teams scheduling practices during the week.  Rijo’s program is also on weekends with Saturdays primarily focused on repetition and instruction, and Sundays focused on team competitions.  The Rijo’s program is regarded as the best in the State for developing skills and helping younger players transition to a larger diamond and quicker speed of play.  Our older players typically take time off from baseball during the fall to give their bodies a rest after a long high school and select season.

Our winter programs vary by age group.  Team workouts typically begin in November with a 4-6 hour/week commitment and ramp up to 4-8 hours as we get closer to league play and the high school season in March.  Many of our athletes play football and basketball in the winter so we take advantage of our professional instruction at Rijo Athletics where players can schedule lessons that work for their schedule.  Our older teams use the winter to focus on fitness and nutrition with the goal of getting our players bigger and stronger for the upcoming season (reference our information on Nutrition and Strength Training).  Outside team practices start up in January.